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Smart TV


                                           In 2010, networked TV’s became “smart TV’s”. Smart TV’s came with built in features, not only streaming media from your home network , but also connecting to a network media player device. In 2011 Samsung added more features like wed browsing, and still continue to add more- all of which are Android operating systems.


The first to extend it’s Smart TV functionality with their apps was Samsung, with an Android platform. Having apps on your TV is the same as having it on your smartphone. This had been slow for a start but has picked up drastically over the past 4 years. People are constantly downloading more and more apps. It has become a trend.






samsung-tvSamsung was the first to extend its Smart TV functionality with “Samsung Apps.”  With more than 1.4 million downloads, Samsung Apps appear to be more than a passing phase. The idea is to have apps on your TV, similar to the way we use apps on a smartphone.  It’s been a slow start, but the list of apps continues to grow as open source developers — companies that create apps to be used by Samsung but do not get paid to create the apps directly by Samsung — design more apps specifically for the TV. The Samsung Smart TV has a few apps pre-loaded on the TV, the rest have to be downloaded from the Samsung App Store that is easily accessible in the Internet@TV screen