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  • Mobile App Developers in South Africa (SA)
Digital-e-Brochures convert the printed word into electronic, fully interactive, 3D page turning forms of catalogues, manuals, brochures and promotional literature.

Our digital flipping page e-book services, specializes in providing services, to assist Publishers and Corporations create realistic page-flipping e-Publications or FlipBooks.

We provide a full service e-Publishing Solution.
  • Mobile App Developers in South Africa (SA)
  • E-Newspaper auto daily generation and delivery system for a major newspaper publisher
  • E-Publication archival library system with search capabilities aswell as video for a publishing company
  • E-Commerce web portal with e-shop gateway to sell e-books for a publishing company
  • E-Newsletter delivery system with a user database management system for a corporation
  • E-Newstand web portal for a magazine company including video and social media sharing

The ebook flip page, digital publications are compatible with, windows, linux, apple ipad,  apple i-phone, blackberry, mobile browsers, pc and apple mac platform and help reducing carbon footprints.

If you have a publication that would like made into a digital version with full search capabilities, kindly contact us arrange a needs assessment.

To view an example of a ebook please click here: eBook preview