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Loyalty Mobile Apps

The opportunity

After years of spending money trying to attract new customers with Groupon and other deal websites, businesses are turning back to increasing repeat business with loyalty programs. The problem is the only loyalty programs for businesses are

  1. Old fashion loyalty cards.
  2. Join a loyalty app and promote that app in their store.
  3. Spend over $10K to develop a custom rewards app and program.
  4.  Develop your own loyalty app and platform

Why Loyalty?

Our Loyal Checkin is a turn-key opportunity providing you with everything you will need for success. Our very user-friendly platform along with top notch training and support will help you grow a fun and profitable business.

  • Consumer and merchant website
  • Web & app loyalty reward platform
  • Messaging platform
  • Business panels w/ program management and analytics
  • Customer data capture tools for businesses
  • Master control panel w/client management
  • Marketing flyers & material
  • All hosting & maintenance
  • Continual innovative updates
  • One-on-one training
  • Video tutorials
  • Training webinars with best practices