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Chatbot app developers in South Africa: At Kagiso Interactive, we are at the forefront of all of the latest app technology. The next great leap in the industry is going to be chat bots, the AI virtual assistants, and our team of chatbot developers are ready to help you in the creation of a chat bot of your own.

Our chat bot developers can make your digital communication more effective and improve the service you give your clients.

While chat bots will change everything, it’s not too late for you to join the revolution and take full advantage of the many benefits that come with
having a chat bot integrated with your app or messaging service, especially if you are an online merchant. When it comes to e-commerce, having the chat bot makes it easier for your market to communicate with your company, which makes things all the better for your brand. And the customer base for e-commerce sites is growing by the day, thanks to the convenience and money saving benefits that come from allowing customers to shop online. The chat bot is a part of e-commerce that you cannot do without, simply because they are coming to dominate the digital communication landscape like never before. As our world becomes increasingly connected, chat bots are simplifying online communication between your company and your clients.

Chat bots are a made possible through the use of artificial intelligence and not only are they constantly evolving but they are also the technology that is set to guarantee that communication channels are always open, meaning your clients will always get assistance when they need it most. It is not only on mobile apps that AI chat bots will be introducing a digital revolution, but they are also forcing social media companies to re-look at their products. Facebook is, for instance, pushing the progress of AI chat bots forward in the hope to improve their user experience. Essentially, Facebook’s move towards implementing the Facebook Messenger app is a good reflection of the current move from social media to chat apps.

Recent studies show that people are preferring messenger apps to social media.

With more and more people spending their time using social media and chat apps, much of society, especially your current market, are already familiar with the technology. This makes your transition to chat bots easier, especially if you work with a team like ours. Kagiso Interactive’s chat bot developers are offering clients the opportunity to take advantage of this technology before it becomes mainstream in South Africa, giving clients the edge over their competition. With affordable products, you can have a unique chat bot designed to meet your communication requirements.

 Working with our chat bot developers will simplify the way you communicate

By keeping ahead of the industry developments, we have made sure that our team is ready to work with you to create personalise AI chat bots. Chat bot virtual assistants, built by our chat bot app developers, are able to change the way that your customers interact with you, one way being through various messaging apps.

Apps such as Facebook Messenger and WeChat can be integrated with a chat bot, allowing your customers to be helped actively, and instantly, anytime, no matter where they are.


This means that your customers are receiving the very best service; with no waiting during peak hours to get in touch with you over the phone, no waiting for replies to emails and no need to wait to be assisted on the next business day.

As skilled chat bot app developers, we offer our clients a complete conversational banking solution when engaging with their customers. This means that the chat bot assists your customers by actively helping them to manage their money by receiving bank balance alerts and reminders that will assist them with their budgeting. But the AI chat bots are not just programmes to remind clients about which bills need to be paid, they also have the ability to enhance the customer experience by giving advice regarding personal finance. These banking chat bots are programmed in a way that enables them to provide the information you want to share with your clients, on demand. Banking institutions, in particular, can find many advantages to having banking chat bots. Sitting with copious amounts of data about their clients, banks can use this information to give their clients a superb user experience. On-demand information, advice and service mean that your relationship with customers will improve. For banks as well as other companies who choose to use chat bot virtual assistants, one of the biggest benefits that you will enjoy is the insight that you will get about what it is that your customers want in their user experience when working with you. This invaluable data can be collected every time a client interacts with the bot.

3 other advantages for using chat bots

  1. Chat bots can imitate human interaction exceptionally well if they are intelligently designed. This makes the experience feel more authentic and
    more personal. The words that are used by the chat bot when interacting with a client are also more authentic and avoid the use of technical, cold language.
  2. For now, chat bots are more affordable than they will be when they become mainstream. Once they become more popular, prices are set to rise, which is why now is the perfect time to invest in chat bot technology for your company. The cost to the company will be low and the prices to build the bot will also be low.
  3. The natural feel of the chat bot interaction means that your clients will not feel as though they are being subjected to marketing or that they are interacting with advertising. This aids the feeling of natural communication and leaves a great impression on your client base.


AI chat bots are the future of online digital communication; they are in essence the future of client communication. And there will never be a better time to invest in this revolutionary technology than right now. Contact Kagiso Interactive today to find out more about how our chat bot app developers can incorporate this technology into your app.

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