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BlackBerry Operating System


                                           Blackberry Ltd designed Blackberry operating system for smartphone devices. This operating system can be used by the track wheel, trackball and most recently, track pad and touchscreen.


The Blackberry supports Native apps that are very well known. This operating system supports WAP and allows the device to complete wireless activation and synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino or Novell Groupwise.

The air software loading service(OTASL) automatically updates Blackberry operating system, wirelessly.

In June 2011, research has shown that over 45% of mobile developers used the Blackberry platform for apps.

BlackBerry OS was discontinued after the release of BlackBerry 10, but BlackBerry will continue support for the BlackBerry OS.

Developer BlackBerry Ltd
Written in C++
OS family Mobile operating systems
Working state Current (Only updates)
Source model Closed source
Initial release Version 1.0 for Pager BlackBerry 850; January 1999
Version 3.6 for smartphone BlackBerry 5810 Wireless Handheld; March 2002
Latest release (BlackBerry 9790/9900)/ November 2013; 1 year ago
Marketing target Smartphones
Available in Multi-Lingual
Package manager BlackBerry Desktop Manager
Platforms BlackBerry line ofsmartphones
Kernel type Java virtual machine
Default user interface Graphical
License Proprietary