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Apps from a users point of view.

From a user’s point of view:

App Store has the largest number of apps, and the highest percentage of charged apps, but it rarely tells you what the app can access on your phone (especially with the previous open contact list issue), but the fact that you can download on your computer in iTunes and add to your device at any later time is nice, but you can’t easily “share” apps between phones, as every phone synched on the same account is “identical”

Google Play has the second highest number of apps, but the highest percentage of free apps, but number of developers are “dropping off” as they’ve realised how easy it is to develop for iOS & get more money, BUT each app tells you EXACTLY what it wants from your phone, not to mention that you can put several accounts on your device and “share” paid apps between them, and then pick & choose which apps you want – the greatest thing is that you can get apps to change ANYTHING on your phone, no matter how small (even things like vibration for various events)

BlackBerry App World is starting to get games, but is still lacking, and unless you have a Torch then you might as well only look at it for business related apps, the PlayBook is starting to get a few apps, it’s still nowhere near the numbers for iOS or Android, but it’s growing, don’t bother if you want TONS of really pretty and interactive games

WP Marketplace is great if you want games that add to your Xbox gamerscore, but the number of games isn’t great, any anything outside of that is pretty sparse, but you pay for EVERYTHING decent, there’s still quite a few free apps, but don’t expect much – the user experience on browsing is VERY similar if you’ve already got an Xbox.