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Now is the time to invest in App development in Cape Town

In South Africa, the average company offering app development in Cape Town, Pretoria, and Johannesburg, or even in cities abroad, can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to complete the development of a client’s app. When you are working with a company that has this kind of time frame, you are increasing the chance of your app not being developed at all. Many people drop the development of their apps within a year, and others drop the development when they pick up the first bug in the system.

With this in mind, wouldn’t it make better sense to undertake your app development in Cape Town with the team that is known for following through with their development projects?

At Kasgiso, we are a team of committed developers and we really love what we do. Working with a variety of different clients, helping them to develop their ideas and bring an incredible app to life, is an exciting journey. We love to help our customers walk away with the kind of app that beautifully represents their company, the kind of app that becomes a one of a kind marketing tool. We pay close attention to every detail of your app and we incorporate your ideas in such a way that the app becomes fully functional and easy for your clients to use. Our extensive experience is a plus when you are looking for a company to handle your app development in Cape Town. We have been making apps since the technology was first used. Since then, we have built on our experience and our knowledge, something which can be seen in our extensive client portfolio.

With an app, you can make an impressive impact with your marketing!

South Africans are following the trends from around the world and they are becoming more mobile orientated. The focus is moving away from the desktop and is being placed firmly on the mobile device. Just about every South African has a smartphone these days, and your app could be sitting in the palm of every client’s hand. Why is this important? Think of your app as a constant reminder for your clients to support you.

Apps have many wonderful uses and one of the biggest advantages of having an app is that it is a marketing tool unlike any other you have used. Imagine having an advertisement that can be used to contact you, or that can be used to find out more about your company, or that can even be used to shop with? An app is that kind of advertisement!

Did you know we also have offices in Johannesburg and Pretoria

While your web presence is exceptionally important, it is not the sole focus anymore. Apps and other forms of mobile marketing are making the bigger waves these days, and if you are not surfing these waves, you are certainly losing your place among your market. You need to be ahead of the game these days if you want to succeed. And you can succeed when you get the very best app by working with Kagiso, Africa’s best app developers.

App development in Cape Town doesn’t get better than this!

So you are considering getting an app for your company, but you are not yet fully convinced about the power of the app. Let us be the first to tell you that your app is going to change the way that you do business, and it is going to change the way that your clients talk to you.

The apps that are designed by our immensely talented tech geeks are designed to work across numerous popular mobile operating systems. Currently, our apps are supported on Blackberry, Windows, Apple, Android, Samsung Smart TVs and Xbox One. This means that your app can be used by a variety of different customers, across these various platforms, and each will have the same user experience.

We are global app development company, but we primarily work in Africa and the Middle East. App development in Cape Town, Pretoria, and Johannesburg as well as in Dubai is growing, and we are the company that is helping to push the industry forward.


This is why you should invest in app development in Cape Town

We have spoken about why you should be working with us, but we haven’t fully touched on the immense benefits that come with having an app for your company. Why should your company have an app? Here are the benefits:

  • With your app, you are able to provide your clients with any information that they might need. Apps are filled with interesting and useful information about the company and your clients can easily access this information.
  • An app will give people an easier way to buy from you or they can sign up for your services.
  • One of the biggest uses of an app is that they are great for marketing tools. Your app will become a part of your advertising arsenal.
  • Your clients will be able to easily contact you.
  • You will have access to interesting data about your target market.
  • Last but not least, you can use your app to build your trust and relationships with your clients.

Now is the best time to get your app up and running. It’s as simple as contacting us and setting up a meeting. Since we have worked with a great number of clients in the past, we are certainly going to be able to assist you and, anyway, we are always up for a new challenge!

Ready to change the way you market your company? Contact Kagiso today and enjoy the benefits of working with the best app development in Cape Town!

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